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Ministry of candy toys is located in this town.



Old Tokaido road in Kakegawa-Juku菓子処 もちやThe Cafe serves tea as about 200 years.

東海道五十三次Is one of the 5 highway was established during the Edo period in Edo日本橋From京都三条大橋The town was placed on the Tokaido Highway from 53 points.

In the Kakegawa "掛川宿"And"日坂宿"The two post and was coming and many people. Many landmarks along the way,浮世絵and和歌-On the subject of haiku often taken up also see hisaka"Kakegawa浮世絵師歌川広重To depict.
There is our掛川宿(かけがわしゅく) That is the historical Tokaido Road 26 th.
Why not walk the Tokaido Highway history firsthand?
Kakegawa-Juku attractions


Kakegawa-Juku in policing for the East-West Highway constructed had been installed. Once the traveler enters the Inn in a sign the crossing here was required.
Hikyaku shogunate official letters and goods reach their next stage, including horse joint national and Imperial Hotel can be arranged by Tonya was involved.
Lodging of the station to the hotel when travelled back and forth Yuan with Edo daimyo during the Edo period is referred to as the base.
Recalling the said residence size was more than the table width 16 3 feet 3 inch (approximately 31 meters) 457 TSUBO, or how nice.